What 3 things do consumers want from a healthcare mobile app?

According to a recent Accenture Consumer Survey, one of the three main functions consumers want a healthcare mobile app to do is provide the ability to book, change and cancel appointments. But according to the report, only 8% of provider apps currently allow existing patients access to scheduling and the percentage is a lot lower for scheduling access for new patients.

Not surprisingly, the other top functions cited in the survey that consumers are looking for are access to medical records and electronic prescription refill requests.

Accenture warns that healthcare providers that do not meet consumers growing desire for mobile patient engagement are at risk of losing both customers and revenue. This leaves a huge opportunity on the table for providers to give patients the access to scheduling they are looking for.

openDoctor specializes in creating the ideal scheduling experience for patients, even for complex appointments. We are finding that large EMRs are simply not addressing this need for our healthcare clients.

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