Why Hospital Revenue Cycle Demands More Patient Engagement

According to the latest research conducted by Accenture, a lack of consumer facing technology can negatively affect a hospital's revenue cycle. While hospitals can safeguard their cycle by focusing efforts to revise digital health strategies and patient engagement efforts.

Healthcare industries are late to the game when it comes to fulfilling the consumer's demand for mobile apps. "According to Accenture, hospital revenue cycle may experience upcoming annual loss of over $100 million." These losses are affecting healthcare providers because they are continuously failing to recognize and meet the consumer needs.

There has been an obvious and significant increase in consumer desire to proactively take charge of their healthcare, and through the use of mobile applications patients can take control and effortlessly engage with their provider. "Patients reportedly desire greater access to medical records, the ability to book, change and cancel appointments without headache, and more electronic prescription management." openDoctor provides a consumer-friendly online experience by offering the right tools and services to both healthcare organizations and their patients. We allow consumers to schedule their appointment in real-time online or through our new mobile application.

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